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Meet Tatiana

My educational journey began with earning a degree in Linguistics and Philology and becoming a qualified teacher in 2001. My career took me to international schools, colleges, and universities in the UK, France, and Portugal.


Starting with a focus on language teaching and literacy development, I taught English in Devon and London, and Russian language and Culture at Oxford University. However, my attention soon shifted to the unmet needs of unique learners I encountered.


Driven by questions about what holds some bright, skilled children back academically, socially, or emotionally, I adopted a more holistic approach to education. I looked beyond academics to understand the full person and what they needed to flourish. This quest led me to deepen my expertise, earning a Masters of Education (Distinction) and training in neuro-developmental approaches to learning, dyslexia, and co-occurring difficulties.


Today, I specialize in assisting learners with educational differences, advancing their development through varied intervention programs, including the Neurodevelopmental Approach. I strive to make meaningful changes for children and their parents.

Dyslexia Specialist  Cascai Portugal
Play, dyslexia, learning, children listening, watching, smiling,

My goal is simple:

to help children reach their full potential and make desired changes a reality.

At a glance

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