In-school Support

All students are unique and sometimes it can be difficult to accommodate their individual learning needs in a mainstream classroom, particularly when specialist training is required for such support. Luckily, many schools welcome specialist teachers for tailored in-school tuition or in-class support to address areas of need.


If you feel that your child would benefit from tailored and solution-based in-class support or specialist tuition but their school’s resources are limited, I can deliver proven teaching programmes and help your child to engage in learning and access the most demanding curriculum in a range of effective ways. Together we will:

  • Create multisensory learning opportunities

  • Address literacy challenges 

  • Learn how to set one’s own study goals 

  • Understand the most useful learning strategies

  • Develop competence and love for learning 

  • Cultivate growth mindset, persistence and perseverance 

Individualised Teaching

The best way to overcome learning difficulties is through a course of flexible and customised sessions from a qualified and experienced educational practitioner. With twelve years of experience in teaching, an earned Masters in Education and literacy development, as well as training in dyslexia and neuro-developmental approaches to learning and behaviour, Tatiana has a unique perspective as a specialist educator and can share effective teaching and learning strategies with her students.

About individual teaching:

  • Sessions are an hour long 

  • Students are taught either on 1:1 or 2:1 basis

  • It is not essential to have a formal assessment prior to starting tuition as evaluation and parent consultation will precede any individualised programme  

  • Depending on each student's unique needs, programmes can incorporate reading and writing development, memory training, touch typing, listening therapy and sensory integration 

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